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What Is The Alexander Technique ?

I’ve found that in recent classes and lessons I’ve given, that a useful concept to understand the technique is to consider a computer programme running inside us that has kicked in at conception. All being well, we arrive at the planet some nine months later. Cells have divided and grown, according to pre-determined lengths and sizes and we appear in our baby form – the ability to feed, to sit, climb, stand and walk are all built into the programme… and we’re off!

The ascent of man

The ascent of man

During the growing years to follow, we begin to acquire a personality – and that personality acquires different responses to the world it inhabits. It copies parents/siblings/teachers etc, probably due to a desire for acceptance. It will have life experiences both real and imagined, which are not always pleasant to the growing child, which can include separation and divorce, trauma and accidents, verbal and physical abuse and sometimes the death of someone close.

Our response to these experiences is often to hold onto ourselves, as the world we are experiencing no longer feels to be supportive to us, and we are left with no choice but to hold on (sometimes for dear life). These responses get stuck, like a groove in a record, in the neural-muscular system, and we carry them with us into the future – when they are no longer appropriate.Fortunately for all of us, F.M Alexander discovered a tactile process of accessing the original programme, which sits there just below the surface, just waiting to be rebooted. Alexander Teachers use their whole being to influence you, whilst moving you in a very subtle and non-intrusive way.

Improving Co-ordination          Photo credit: Christine Pizzuti





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