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Alan Capel

Teacher of the Alexander Technique

29 Nareen Parade

North Narrabeen 2101

New South Wales, Australia

Phone: (02) 9913 2480
Mobile: 0421 590 621

email : albycap@tpg.com.au



1. Linlee Jordan - November 30, 2008

Hi Alan

Thank you so much for doing such a great workshop with my chamber group. When you went around the group while we were playing, it was a nice way of demonstrating that we can discover/ be shown, what we are doing, how we are sitting, how we can sit better and I have discovered that I hold my shoulder really tightly when I’m playing the viola. We were joking that we want you to come to every practice session – we did pay really well today after you were finished!

alancapel - June 16, 2009

Thanks for that Linlee, you all put a lot into your music and it was great fun to be a part of it—I am glad you all got so much out of the AT work—-I look forward to next time, Alan

2. Prue Ockenden - July 19, 2010

Hi Alan,

I am a 51 year old in computer orientated job with chronic neck and jaw pain and suffer from daily headaches. I have had an MRI but was told it was just wear and tear. My sister is an Alexander Technique teacher in Christchurch New Zealand and has suggested this to me many times. I am now at the end of my tether and looking for some relief that doesn’t involve tablets.

I would love to get in contact with you to arrange a consultation.

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