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The Alexander Technique October 20, 2008

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Human Results for Human Beings – Alan Capel

Inappropriate muscular tension is the root cause of so many of the ills we can experience – back & neck pain, headache, stress, anxiety, tension as well as discomfort from old injuries, but where does it come from?

The habitual way we think & move locks us into the same way of being, thus we always get the same result, and what we think is what we get.

The human structure is designed to work on a moment by moment basis, always adapting wonderfully to our intention.

The dilemma for us comes when we inadvertently tense muscles that don’t need to be used, and thereby set up conflict in our system, we end up more as human do-ings & less as human beings.

Pain is the body’s very efficient defense system, letting you know that this conflict now exists, you’re literally dragging the past around with you as your structure struggles to operate in the present.

You translate everything, whether physical or mental or spiritual into muscular tension. F.M. Alexander

Al with Cathy Madden @ Sydney Alexander Technique. Photo credit: Christine Pizzuti



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