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Frequently Asked Questions October 20, 2008

Posted by alancapel in Web Pages.

Q: What is a definitive description of the Alexander Technique?
A: The Alexander Technique is:

  • A lifelong exploration into the territory covering the description we have given ourselves as a species – that of human beings. Something, unfortunately that we rarely are.
  • Learning to live quietly and without conflict inside the structure we inhabit. Interrupting stereotyped response patterns.
  • Gaining clarity of the direction of our being.
  • Acquiring the ability to learn from the inside.
  • Awareness and presentness and realising our narrowing of both.
  • Raising to consciousness that our intention will shape everything – and realising that clarity of intention is of paramount importance – not just its accuracy, but also its appropriateness.
  • Named after Frederick Matthias Alexander – who often referred to the Technique
    as The Work.
  • Whatever you understand it to be at this point in time!

Q: How do I get more information on the Technique?
Visit the “courses” section of this site to get a further understanding of the various classes available. Alternatively, you can email me with any questions.



1. Rick Brennan - November 26, 2009

Hi Alan

Great site – really clear and laid out! Would you like to swap links?

alancapel - February 1, 2010

Thanks Rick, will put the link up now, Alan

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